6 Week Fitness Challenge

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Hey Grand Rapids! I’m Coach Shane and I am doing something CRAZY to promote my Training! We are giving away a limited number of vouchers for a 6 Week Challenge. Sign up now before all the spots are taken and join us for a life-changing Challenge that includes Fun Workouts FOR ALL LEVELS, The World’s Simplest Meal Plan, & effective Accountability.

Program Includes:

  • 18 Group Sessions
  • Nutrition Plan and Recipe Guide
  • Accountability
  • Weekly BIA Scan
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Disclaimer: Results vary based on commitment and willingness to put in the work.

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Aaron lost 10.6% body fat, 26.4 lbs and gained 5.3% muscle in 6 weeks!

This was a fun experience and I can say it was the most fun I’ve had getting in shape before. This is something I am looking forward to adding into my daily routine going forward. The coaches were always willing to help with form to ensure we did everything correctly and got the most out of our time without injury.

Kinsey lost 12.5 inches in 6 weeks!

I feel so much more comfortable and confident in my clothes now! I can fit into several pre-pregnancy pants and dresses that I couldn’t when I started the challenge. It’s much more sustainable than something like Whole30. Perhaps because you focus more on what you can eat, versus what you can’t.

Taylor lost 6.8% body fat in 6 weeks!

I love the way my clothes are fitting and how much more energy I have! The coaches are all really great and are good at teaching the proper way to use the equipment. They do a great job of making sure everyone is doing what is appropriate for their level and body.

Robert lost 9.5% body fat & 20.4 lbs while gaining 5.2% muscle!

I lost 22 lbs and 9.5% body fat so I feel great and look better. The coaches are all positive and great to work with. Very willing to help whenever there were questions. They also used positive comments to improve workouts.